Innovation X-Change on Energy Productivity - 10 April in Sydney


A2EP presented a day of stimulating speakers and information exchange showcasing game changing advances in Australia and internationally on April 10 2018. The focus of the X-Change was opportunities for energy productivity improvement through new technologies including Industry 4.0, new approaches to processing including heat, and new business models that will drive transformative change. 

Sessions examined the optimal integration of renewables and demand management in business; how transport, logistics and storage can be transformed; and new energy practices being utilised for process heating. Speakers canvassed what is really happening in the field with case studies they are implementing.

The special guest was Jim Davis, CIO at the Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII) in Los Angeles. Jim co-founded the Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition (SMLC) and is currently on the Board of Governors of the Manufacturing Leadership Council and the Leadership Council for Mforesight: Alliance for Manufacturing Foresight. 

Other speakers included: Ivor Frischknecht (ARENA), Frank Zeichner (IoT Alliance Australia), Renald Gallis (Thinxtra), Alan Pears (RMIT University), Ricardo Hoffman (Johnson Controls), Brad Semmler (Cold Logic), Mark Gjerek (MOM3ENTUM), Michael Bellstedt (MINUS 40), Chris Briggs (ISF), Ariel Liebman (Monash University), Peter Haenke (ARENA), Brian Spak (CSIRO), Jeff Renaud (E nerNOC), Mark Hammond (Truck Industry Council), Greg McGarvie (GetGreen), Chris Lee (Climate-KIC Australia), Mark Goodsell (AiGroup), Stuart White (Institute for Sustainable Futures), Cristien Hickey (NSW Office of Environment & Heritage), and Jonathan Jutsen (A2EP).


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Speakers bios are available here.



Session 1 - Energy Productivity: The scale of opportunity

Jonathan Jutsen, Chair, A2EP

Jim Davis, CIO, CESMII

Jeff Connolly, CEO, Siemens

Ivor Frischknecht, CEO, ARENA

Chair: Christopher Lee, CEO, Climate-KIC Australia


Session 2 - Industry 4.0 for energy

Louise Vickery, Senior Adviser, CRC RACE 2030 Bid

Jim Davis, CIO, CESMII

Geof Heydon, Principal Consultant, IoT Alliance Australia

Renald Gallis, VP Ecosytem & Marketing, Thinxtra

Michael Bellstedt, Managing Director, MINUS 40

Chair: Mark Goodsell, National Director - Manufacturing, AiGroup


Session 3 - Integration: Clean energy, demand management, data and control

Brian Spak, Leader - Grids & Renewable Energy Integration, CSIRO

Yasmina Dkhissi, Net Zero Program Strategy Manager, Monash University

Jeff Renaud, VP & Managing Director - Asia Pacific, EnerNOC

Chris Briggs, Research Principal, Institute for Sustainable Futures

Chair: Amy Kean, NSW Renewable Energy Advocate


Session 4 - Linking the chain: Transport, logistics, storage

Greg McGarvie, CEO, GetGreen

Mark Hammond, Chief Technical Officer, Truck Industry Council

Fergal Barry, Project Manager – Sustainability Development, HealthShare NSW

Blair Pritchard, Investment Director, Clean Energy Finance Corporation 

Chair: Mark Gjerek, Principal, MOV3MENT 


Session 5 - Process transformation: Heat in food and other industries

Alan Pears, Senior Industry Fellow, RMIT University;

Ricardo Hoffmann, Sales Engineer, Johnson Controls;

Brad Semmler, Technical Director, Cold Logic;

Peter Haenke, Energy Productivity Manager, ARENA

Chair: Cris Hickey, Director - Sustainability Programs, NSW OEH



ARENA's A-Lab on Process Heat (in conjunction with A2EP) - 11 April in Sydney


Energy for process heating is a significant cost for many Australian businesses. It is largely provided by non-renewable energy sources (usually gas) and often a source of significant energy inefficiency and waste. ARENA is seeking to facilitate a step-change reduction in fossil fuel use for industrial process heating applications through measures that substantially improve energy productivity AND increase renewable energy uptake. 

A-Lab is ARENA's social innovation lab. It seeks to drive innovation across the energy sector by facilitating a sector-wide network of industry leaders and innovators to share knowledge, develop projects and design programs. In this A-Lab session, participants from across the process heating supply chain were invited to help ARENA co-design a future funding initiative intended to accelerate this step-change. Click here to learn more about A-Lab and the work done to date.