Our Members


Our members are leaders from a wide range of sectors united by the mission to double Australia's energy productivity for an affordable, reliable and sustainable energy system.


Fellowship members



Enwave Australia

Johnson Controls Australia

Knauf Insulation
Schneider Electric


Monash University
RMIT University




Sydney Water
Institute of Sustainable Futures at UTS





Become a member and support doubling Australia's energy productivity

Benefits of joining the Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity include:

•     acknowledgement of your organisation through our websites, broadcasts, publications and events
•     access to policy briefings featuring high-level speakers from government, the private sector and the media
•     access to and participation in collaborative partnerships including with our international associates
•     access to expert technical and policy advice, hard-to-find data on trends in the energy industry, and qualitative and quantitative research
•     professional development opportunities
•     special consideration for speaking engagements at events

Supporting membership offers:

•     listing and logo placement on the membership page of the A2EP website

•     recognition and listing at A2EP events

•     eligibility to stand for A2EP Board

Fellowship level membership offers the benefits of Supporting membership plus:

•     eligibility to stand for A2EP Board – there are assigned positions for Fellowship members
•     acknowledgement of sponsorship of the 2xEP Roadmap program, including branding on the homepages of the A2EP and 2xEP websites, in all Roadmap publications (digital and printed), at all Roadmap events, and in promotional activities and materials for the 2xEP program

•     participation at no charge at all A2EP and 2xEP public events, participation in private policy briefings including economy-wide and sector-level briefings

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