A2EP is an independent, non-partisan, not-for-profit coalition of business, government and research leaders promoting a more energy productive economy.

X-Change: The customer-centred transformation

Monday 08 April in Sydney. We showcase the technologies and enterprises that are transforming energy use and supply, both business and residential. A program of prominent international and local speakers who bring a unique customer experience perspective to the energy revolution. More here

Energy productivity in agriculture

A2EP recently wrapped a project for the NSW Department of Primary Industries. We assessed potential to improve energy productivity in agriculture with a focus on intensive sub-sectors including dairy, feedlots and horticulture. The next steps involve demonstration projects. The report is available here.


Energy productivity in practice: The MCG

A2EP member Schneider Electric withEcoXpert AZZO have implemented a site-wide, cloud-based, real-time monitoring and visualisation system at the MCG for cost savings of five per cent across electricity, gas and water. More here. Video here.

Energy efficiency: A boost for employment

New research commissioned by the Energy Efficiency Council and the Energy Savings Industry Association finds potential to create 120,000 new jobs in Australia. Green Energy Markets wrote the report. More here.




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Energy Productivity Tweets

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